Jo Thielemans is a creator, engineer, editor, and lover of sound.

He has been working on and off stage in music and theatre for about 20 years.

His home and studio are in Antwerp, Belgium.

photo (c) Koen Broos

Zwart Gat Antarctica

Hans Van Cauwenberghe, Willem-Jan Wellens and I, are writing a production, to be premiered in the winter of ’24-’25. 

We call ourselves 'De Kameraden van de Wetenschap'.

We aim to weave science and music theatre together : tell a human story, intertwined with real modern physics, and historical explorations. 

Hans will perform the monologue, I will be on stage with electronics and brass objects, blending (memories of) Schubert’s Winterreise - played by Anthony Romaniuk ! - with Antarctic sounds.

The Quantum mechanics of a heartbreak’s black hole.

We showed some work in progress, at Chambres d'O, in Oostende.


Chronophone is a wonderful locative audio project, produced by Zonzo Compagnie.

The device lets the audience experience a soundscape that evolves, depending on where they walk in the field.

The sounds and music are based on Albert Einstein’s discovery that time does not flow equally in every place.

Handing out these machines, explaining to the children that they are participating in scientific research, watching them explore and enjoy, is a great pleasure !

Chronophone will be playing at several Big Bang Festivals, and other locations.

It was a super cooperation with Geert De Coninck.

Locative audio by Ignacio Pecino at SonicMaps.

Design by Gertjan Biasino.

photos (c) Karolina Maruszak