Lute player Sofie Vandeneynde & I collaborated with writer Annemarie Peeters and composer Vladimir Gorlinsky on the very haunting performance Verdwijntijd / Vanishing Point

I have been working with the great director Wouter Van Looy

recently performing live sound, bass synth, and spoken word simultaneously in

The Mass Man

and sound design and some music for : 

Muziektheater Transparant

Missa Mater Sola

Quartett / Every Ending

Zonzo Compagnie


HUSH - Henry’s dream machine

roundABOUT #1 Tsubasa Hori


also did some very fun postprod/foley for their Noisy Neighbours video series.

I have been a sound and stage technician for quite a while, 

creating and touring with, among others :

Bronks Jeugdtheater

Tuning People

Les Ballets C de la B


Jan Fabre

Meg Stuart

Almost all my work involves recording, and here are some albums where that was my main task:

Nocturnes, by Jon Birdsong and Anthony Romaniuk

‘k Heb U Gemist, by Onze Rijkdom