I make music mostly with synthesized and processed sounds.

I like round brass objects.

I like randomness.

A lot of it is slowly evolving soundscaping, sometimes there are beats.

Some of it has been used for theatre or film.

We're working on getting some of this stuff released,

: but for now here are some links to my Soundcloud


Wonderful locative audio project for Zonzo Compagnie.
Here is a demo of some of the music :

(photo (c) Karolina Maruszak)

Thielemans x Romaniuk

I have been playing with the wonderful Anthony Romaniuk for a few years now.

He is an amazing keyboard player and not afraid of experiment.

We’ve done a few gigs in Belgium’s finest halls,

and here are some of our latest recordings, made this past summer :
(photo (c) Mashid Mohadjerin)

Thielemans x Demeulenaere

My good friend Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist who works with field recordings.

We are working on new stuff, and here are the recordings we made together in quarantined times :

Thielemans x Tembuyser

Timo Tembuyser is a singer director architect performer. We got to know each other working on his Missa Mater Sola for Muziektheater Transparant, and now we are on stage together in The Mass Man.

Here is some of the Missa Mater choir of sons :
(photo (c) Koen Broos)